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The world of computer software appears to be constantly changing. Appearances may alter but there is little that is really new, it simply seems to be so.
The web, internet and e-com is a re-presentation of old ideas and and principles, only how it is organised is new. Our well founded application of software technology presented in a new style allows us to be in a unique position to help you in any of these areas.

There will always be new ideas on how to do things, there always has been and that is why experience still counts!

JCL has been supplying Software Solutions for many years and in matters software advises things be kept as simple as possible. On the Net there are lots of sites that are very 'clever' which is all very well if a site loads quickly and remains unchanged. Business Net users haven't time to waste waiting for all the clever gizzmos to appear on the screen, it's facts that matter - and quickly! 'Simple' Websites load promptly and are easy to maintain - who wants a site that refers to 'Forthcoming Events' that have already happened - yesterdays news? Better to update your site on a regular basis as one would with any other advertising medium. But if you still want all the 'bells and whistles' we really enjoy doing such sites - it's still work butmore fun!