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J Computer Logic Ltd
JCL the COBOL software house for all things COBOL and Legacy Sytems with packages for Hire and Rental software, Transport, Haulage, Assets Management.

Besides creating new applications, we maintain and modify existing COBOL systems whatever version of COBOL is being used, we've a very long-term in-depth and hands-on experience in a vast range of business applications, hardware and most variations of COBOL and innumerable operating systems. 

JCL keep your legacy systems running and can extend their usage by adding GUI front ends and web interaction. 

SOP, warehouse systems, construction, food, hotels & accomodation, assets management, automatic invoicing, SQL, accounts, payroll, stock control, purchasing, statistics, bespoke programming, systems study, aviation, banking, insurance, farming, transport, oil & petro chemicals, forestry, retailing, film & entertainment industry, holiday camps, clothing ... whatever your business application then it's most  probable that we've got experience in it and if it's something we haven't we're prepared to learn. 

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Software Packages - Hire and Rental industry, Assets Tracking, SOP, Workshop, Contracts Manager, Invoicing